Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing and its connection to Place Education

The article focuses on the importance of place in education and the connection that can be made between nature and humans that is prevalent in many traditional ways of learning. We can see the different learning and growing opportunities that can be harvested.

Growing up as a grandson of a farmer in the Philippines I find great value from the land and the various learning opportunities that can arise. My grandpa revealed to me the importance of rice and the significant history it has in our culture. Not only that being with the land has exposed me to opportunities with caring for and growing various plants and animals such as water buffalos and sugar cane. Each experience has led to a fun learning opportunity.

Place in education will be something I would be keeping in mind as a future educator. Not only does it incorporate the rich biodiversity of Saskatchewan but also the rich historical, cultural, traditional indigenous ways of knowing. Resources such as elders can bring in valuable perspectives and knowledge that can open my pedagogy to more indigenous teaching and traditional ways of knowing which could possible eradicate or simply lessen the influence of colonization and other oppressions that are present in todays classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing and its connection to Place Education

  1. You will definitely bring an interesting perspective to your classroom. Such personal stories will help make it real for students


  2. Your personal experience and cultural insight gives you a unique voice into the current narrative. You provide another example of the importance of land and nature to different cultural groups. I enjoyed this short blog because being educated in Canada I am less aware of cultures outside of Canada and their perspective of land.


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