Curriculum as Numeracy

1) Think back on your experiences of the teaching and learning of mathematics — were there aspects of it that were oppressive and/or discriminating for you or other students?

a. Math during my schooling was never a problem for me. I was never the one to get the highest grade but I believe I was always competent in most subjects and went through school pretty normally. but one thing that have bothered me is when teachers randomly ask students to come up to the board and solve problems in front of the whole class. This seemed like a public execution especially if you don’t know what your doing. this type of punishment can be really oppressive and traumatic for students to go through. I am in my pre-internship and is in the classroom I have observed that one of the ways for students to be isolated during a math class is being behind in material. Math is a class that builds upon each lesson so being behind as a student gives you the responsibility to catch up with the rest of the class. Many a times students are asked to go out of the hallway and work on their own and I find this very isolating. not being with the class and being separated creates a them and us situation where the students may feel segregated.

2) Identify at least three ways in which Inuit mathematics challenge Eurocentric ideas about the purposes mathematics and the way we learn it.

b. Inuit Mathematics focus more on the natural, independently continuing and changing occurrences and events. the same could be said when instead of relying on pen and paper they make use of knowledge from elders having students listen and observe.

One thought on “Curriculum as Numeracy

  1. I like that you brought up the questions on the board moment. I HATED doing that as a child and I still don’t particularly liked it. I’ve taken a lot of math classes and to this day I don’t feel overly confident with my math skills but as a child in school I was so embarrassed to go up to the board and do a problem because I often didn’t understand fully what was expected of me. I hate the idea of isolation, especially when a child falls behind. I understand the teachers do this thinking it will help the student but I personally feel like the student would feel separated and alone and may not get work done because they no longer feel like part of a class.


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